Fellowship awarded to Paulo Raposo for the project Rizoma
Honorable Mentions: Daniel Blaufuks and David Maranha
Jury: Phill Niblock, Moniek Darge, Manuel Costa Cabral, Rui Eduardo Paes, Emanuel Dimas Pimenta and Isabel Alves


Project based on a philosophical concept developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari in their book Mille Plateux. Different sounds can be heard in an autonomous flux in perpetual movement and transformation, in a proccess of variation and expansion. Anti-memory. The audiovisual flux aims for and incites non-significant connectivities and ruptures, where each identity is multiplied and destroyed in heterogeneous multiples. The sounds are interactively transformed in real time; the degree of intensity and density being controled by the “composer”. Besides the sound component, Rizoma involves video projection of images modified in real time, generated by sound controlers. The images are manipulated via MIDI through algoritmic processes specially designed in MAX language and the sounds are reflected depending on the action of the color synth, modulating, on its turn, both the images and the sound perception of space.


Paulo Raposo (Lisboa, 1967) studied Philosophy and Cinema at Universidade Católica Portuguesa and Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. Since the beggining of the 90s, he has constantly worked on the fields of sound art and new media, being interested in the use of new technologies and interactive software for live perfomances. His practice aims for a construction of organic visual and sound spaces using objects, architectonic spaces and field recordings. 
He is a specialist in MAX/MSP programming language, having conducted many workshops and seminars about the conception and development of software for artistic purposes.
He was a co-founder and director of the associations Granular and Binaural between 2002 and 2006. Since 2001, he is the director of the record label Sirr, having published dozens of international artists and coordinated releases around Chris Marker and Maurice Blanchot. 
He has created numerous radio pieces and programs. He was a collaborator of the radio program 2 ao Quadrado (RDP/Antena 2) and is the author of the program Sound Of Space at Rádio Zero.