The Ernesto de Sousa Center for Multidisciplinary Studies (CEMES) springs from the artistic, curatorial and essay writing legacy of Ernesto de Sousa, which is fundamental for the study of Portuguese and international contemporary art. In this sense, CEMES encourages contemporary artistic research, through national and international cultural exchanges, by developing interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaborative artistic projects and by granting access to Ernesto de Sousa's estate in a variety of means continuously updated and interconnected.

Concerning its internationalization, CEMES aims to establish connections with similar institutions in order to make information or reference material readily available on its online archive, as well as to enable contacts and interactions in the field of contemporary art studies.

In order to contribute to its continued study and dissemination, part of this valuable estate is made available on this website, which intends to be a platform for discussion and dialogue with similar artistic archives.