The Promised Land: Requiem for Vilarinho das Furnas

Video-sculpture for four to eight monitors, four U-Matic 625 lines video cassettes (black & white, silent) and performance with the simultaneous reading of texts from the Bible, Sigmund Freud and Michel Foucault, 20', 1979-1980.
Images captured in Vilarinho das Furnas, October 1979.


this video involvement and this action 

to     Fernando Pessoa            Almada Negreiros
        my country           my language
        my  joy                 my life

to     Jorge Dias       Ernesto Veiga de Oliveira       António Campos
        discovery         a probable humanity

to     Jorge Luis Borges     José Guimarães Rosa
        eternity, yes            but not as slowly
        sua calma     sua alma

to     Robert Morris     Carl Andre     Richard Long
        Anne and Patrick Poirier     Charles Simonds
        body         rock         weight         the ruin and its ghost

to     Alberto Carneiro   Claudio Costa
        bread         archaeology "in regress"

to     Marcel Mauss         Lévi-Strauss         Michel Foucault
        the meaningless or wild speeches

to     Julia Kristeva         the foreigner
        carnival and apocalypse

to     Raul Brandão         to the megalithic sculptors
        of the Alentejo menhirs    and

to     all those who hope
        the stone to bloom

        in the Promised Land

Ernesto de Sousa, dedicatory in the brochure of "Vilarinho das Furnas", 1980.

Direction and photography by Ernesto de Sousa.
Filming by Fernando Curado Matos.
Assistance by Luísa Matos and Isabel Alves.
Editing by Vítor Leitão.
Produced by Secretaria de Estado da Cultura with support from Parque da Peneda-Gerês.
Technical support of Instituto de Tecnologia Educativa.

Versions presented at:
"Arte Portuguesa Hoje", Sociedade Nacional de Belas-Artes, Lisbon, January 1980. Texts read by Ana Hatherly, Ernesto de Sousa, Julião Sarmento and Teresa Gouveia O'Neill.
3ème Symposium d'Art Performance de Lyon, ELAC, May 1981.
"Polemic Tendencies in Contemporary Artistic Language" Program, Círculo das Artes Plásticas, Coimbra, December 1982.