Ernesto de Sousa’s photographs interact with a poetic text by Priya Sarukkai Chabria

Magazine Vislumbres nr. 2: Portrait
Rita Casanova (Embassy of Portugal), member of the editorial Board of nr. 2 of Vislumbres, is responsible for the inclusion of six Portuguese artists and writers.

Vislumbres is a yearly journal. We quote from the editorial “its express aim is to offer a space for contemporary and original dialogue between the Indian and Ibero-American worlds.” The second number is devoted to black and white photographic portraits. The Ibero-American speaking writers have written on Indian photo-portraits and vice versa. The editorial Board has provided the writers with some images and the latter have begun an intercultural dialogue. Vislumbres results of a cooperation program of the Ibero-American Embassies in India supported by the Ibero-American Embassies and financed by the Spanish Embassy in India.