Fellowship awarded to Luis Miguel Girão for the project First Series of AudioVisual Studies for Body in Sensory Space
Honorable Mention: Filipa Guimarães
Jury: Phill Niblock, Astrid S. Klein, Manuel Costa Cabral, Rui Eduardo Paes, Emanuel Dimas Pimenta, Sónia Rodrigues and Isabel Alves

First Series of AudioVisual Studies for Body in Sensory Space

This project is a set of experiments that were presented on March 22nd of 2007 at the Experimental Intermedia Foundation as result of the exploratory research developed during this residence fellowship. The main objective of this experimental research project was to explore audiovisual representations of the movement of a body: the body as an interface for an audiovisual experience. There were two main areas of interest in this project. One was to continue developing new software in the area of computer vision employing camera based sensory systems, and the other was to explore aspects related to the simultaneous perception of sound and light. This system is built with a camera hanging from the ceiling, which films the stage, while video-images are projected on the stage rear wall. The sound produced is played by the venue PA system.


Luis Miguel Girão is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher in the application of technology as a tool for artistic expression. He collaborated with several artists and his works have been presented in countries such as: USA, Canada, Denmark, Germany and Portugal. His close collaboration with Rolf Gehlhaar gave origin to projects like “Multiverse”. At Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal, where he works regularly, he has developed and presented a number of public art installations and educational multidisciplinary shows. Along with Gehlhaar and Paulo Maria Rodrigues he formed the UnoDuoTrio ensemble and developed the CyberLieder project. He founded Artshare, an artech research company and collaborates with the Companhia de Música Teatral. Among other works, he coordinated a series of workshops on Digital Art & Design for the Academia das Artes Digitais of the Aveiro Digital Program, funded by the EEU and he was assistant curator and technical director of the Electronics Art Lab at the Bienal International de V.N. de Cerveira, Portugal. He is Master of Arts in Design and Digital Media, from the Coventry School of Art and Design, Coventry University, UK. His main research subject matter is the development of new interfaces for audiovisual expression. He recently joined the Planetary Collegium, directed by Roy Ascott, as a PhD Candidate.