Multiples of 1, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, Nova Iorque, 2000.
Multiples of 1, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York, 2000.
MOV.LTIPLES, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, Nova Iorque, 2000.
MOV.LTIPLES, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York, 2000.

Fellowship awarded to Sónia Rodrigues for the project Multiples of 1 + MOV.LTIPLES
Honorable mentions: Margarida Garcia and Ricardo Jacinto
Jury: Phil Niblock, Manuel Costa Cabral, Rui Eduardo Paes, Emanuel Dimas Pimenta and Isabel Alves

Multiples of 1 + MOV.LTIPLES

The installation of the videos Multiples of 1 and MOV.LTIPLES happens simultaneously, i.e. they are installed in the same space, facing each other, with the public in between. The five monitors of Multiples of 1 are aligned on the ground and the five projections of MOV.LTIPLES are aligned along the wall. The video-choreography plays in silence. The videos have a duration of 25 and 30 minutes, respectively.

Multiples of 1 is in itself a choreography. Each image, in each one of the monitors, was recorded separately, creating a video image bank. A closed circuit (camera, video and television set) was assembled so that the choreography could be introduced in the respective television in real time.

MOV.LTIPLES is composed of two video layers. The first layer, the Jacket video, is projected on the ground; the second layer is a video that captures the interaction between the artist and the projection of Jacket. This capture was choreographed for five video projectors. The video is used as a multiplication process, it choreographs the space and superimposes video images instead of dancers. MOV.LTIPLES was created at the University of Iowa with the assistance of Mark McCuster.


Sónia Rodrigues (Oporto, 1973) lives in London since 1994. Studied Dance until the age of 21, when she moved to London. She graduated in Sculpture and Multimedia at the Chelsea College of Arts in 1999.
She explores the intersection between disciplines and the relationship between the visual arts and video. Over a period of three years she worked on video-dance installations as a performer and video artist. She was also involved in various educational projects, collaborating regularly with dance schools as a choreographer and through the making of video works. She directed dance shows for which she made videos that interacted with the choreography. She has collaborated with dancers, choreographers, visual artists, actors and musicians.
In 2004 she completed with distinction a master degree in Dance on Screen, at the London Contemporary Dance School, with tutors David Hinton and Lucy Baldwin. In the same year she cofounded +logo, a multimedia performance group in London. In 2015, she completes a PhD in Interactive Arts at Universidade Católica do Porto.