Fellowship awarded to João Paulo Feliciano for the project Untitled
Honorable Mentions: João António Mota and André Gomes
Jury: Phill Niblock, Paul Panhuysen, Manuel Costa Cabral, Rui Eduardo Paes, Leonel Moura and Isabel Alves


Interactive project for guitar, computer and video. Presented in 1993 as a true work-in-progress. The initial idea was to explore the movement produced by playing the guitar and its translation to objective actions in a computer, through software and a video camera. The project also featured sound, image and movement in different real time interactions. In the presentation in New York, he was joined by David T. Dienes, Roger Kleyer and Anne Gosfield.

During his time in the U.S.A., he also interned at iEar Studios – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy), where he developed his first works in digital audio.


João Paulo Feliciano (Caldas da Rainha, 1963) is a visual artist and musician. He took a degree on Modern Languages and Literature at Universidade de Lisboa. His work crosses multiple areas of expression: painting, drawing, photography, video, installation and objects; rock, improvised, experimental and electronic music; graphic, multimedia and communication design; artistic direction, event curatorship and production, amongst many other individual and collaborative work forms.
He exhibits regularly since 1984. Amongst the numerous individual and collective exhibitions, it should be highlighted his individual shows at Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves, Porto (2004), “The Possibility of Everything: João Paulo Feliciano, Selected Works 1989-1994” at Culturgest (2006) and “The Blues Quartet” at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, EUA (2007), along with his participation at XXVI São Paulo Biennial, Brazil (2004). 
He was the artistic director of the Acqua Matrix show at Expo’ 98, Lisbon.
Since 1990, he has worked with the musician Rafael Toral on the project No Noise Reduction. Between 1989 and 1998, he was in the band Tina and the Top Ten. He also collaborated with the musicians Lee Ranaldo, Phill Niblock, David Toop, Christian Fennez, amongts others.