Tu Cuerpo Es Mi Cuerpo / Mi Cuerpo Es Tu Cuerpo

Ernesto de Sousa's project for SACOM 1 (1st Week of Contemporary Art Malpartida) comprising an exhibition of works and documentation of other projects and the projection of Revolution My Body nr. 2 with the intervention of the audience. Presented at Malpartida Creative Center, Vostell Museum, Malpartida de Cáceres, January 1978.

My intervention was the result of an invitation by Vostell who awaited me in Malpartida for a year as if we'd known each other for a thousand years... It's a fabulous story that goes through Berlin, Kassel, and doesn't matter for now. In short, it was a multiple participation: exhibition (...) and experimental cinema projection; in addition to several debates about Portugal and Portuguese art. The exhibition was twofold. Half was the exhibition-of-my-exhibitions (...); and the other half was more personal, or exclusively personal... Photographs analytically arranged. (...) [The film] is presented in a non-neutral projection over white surfaces (screenprints in fact) which people are invited to modify with their own bodies. (...) The "people" from Malpartida really got into the game, and joyfully so. There was spit, blood, fingerprints and other things.

Ernesto de Sousa, response to an inquiry by Manuel Barbosa, 1978.

The exhibition included documentation on the exhibitions "Do Vazio à Pró Vocação", "Projectos-Ideias" and "Alternativa Zero"; works from the photographic series This is My Body and the piece Revolution My Body nr. 1. There was a talk with the participants and the audience of this SACOM edition, where took part Canogar, Ernesto de Sousa, Isabel and Rafael Tous, the Mass Moving group and Wolf Vostell, among others.