Sociedade Nacional de Belas-Artes, January-February 1974.
Exhibition curated by Ernesto de Sousa and integrated in the Expo AICA 74.

Participants included Alberto Carneiro, Alberto Tavares (Al Berto), Álvaro Lapa, Ana Vieira, Ângelo de Sousa, António Campos, Armando Alves, Artur Rosa, Artur Varela, Carlos Gentil-Homem, Costa Pinheiro, Da Rocha, Eduardo Nery, Ernesto de Sousa, E. M. Melo e Castro, Fernando Calhau, Helena Almeida, João Dixo, João Vieira, Jorge Peixinho, José Rodrigues, Júlio Bragança, Philipe Rase, René Bertholo, Ribeiro Telles and Túlia Saldanha.

with this section was intended the organization of an open exhibition
open as well to the readings the visitors may make of it
in that sense the information provided was minimal
that information gets completed during the exhibition
and depends on the events that occur in it
in general our goal is
          to value the creative project over the art object
          to draw attention to the creative project
          open didactic and non-aesthetic
according to the main statements we seek to highlight
everything which in the creative process is in-process
from usual architectural integration projects
or of urban planning
to the projects that present themselves as art objects


NB – every idea is a project

Ernesto de Sousa, "Projectos-Ideias: 2ª informação", Expo AICA catalog, 1974.