Pre Texto 2

Installation comprising a ready-made (apron from a screen print workshop), texts by Virginia Woolf and Sigmund Freud (4 gelatin silver prints, 50 × 40 cm) and a strip of photos (26 elements, color, 236.5 × 13 cm), 1982.

there's the white square on
white background
by Malevitch

and this the black on black
by Ad Reinhardt

and color and painting
in all things and words

painting was always before and after

reading encounter before being written
ou painted

various are the ways 
of coming across it

in all (p)arts

Ernesto de Sousa, catalogue of Pretexto II: Brancas Infinitamente, Coimbra, 1982.

Presented at:
Cooperativa Diferença, Lisbon, February 1982. With the subtitle After Painterly Abstraction.
"Polemic Tendencies in Contemporary Artistic Language" Program, Círculo das Artes Plásticas, Coimbra, December 1982. With the subtitle Brancas Infinitamente.
"Itinerários", Galeria Almada Negreiros, Lisbon, May-June 1987.