Meeting at Guincho

Guincho beach and Rinchoa, April 3rd, 1969.
A meeting organized by Ernesto de Sousa in collaboration with Noronha da Costa and Oficina Experimental.

In effect and in a deliberate and progressively more conscious way we seek to destroy the difference between critique and aesthetic operation, at least in the so far more or less discrete field of the "arts". The information-discussion of the new operative media of the modern aesthetic process (the preference of the conceptual over the objectual, of the project over the object) make that confluence more urgent and useful. A certain number of operations that we identify with our own creative project are example of this and other confluences (past-future, the same and the other, etc.). I will designate the meeting as art and the past as art. The first of such operations began in 1969 in a Meeting at Guincho.

Ernesto de Sousa, "Imaginar Portugal", Abril, nr. 4, May 1978.

The meeting's program included carrying an object by Noronha da Costa's to the beach, shooting it and recording those actions for a film by the same author. There was also a get-together at Ernesto de Sousa's house in Rinchoa.   

The participants were Ana Hatherly, António Pedro Vasconcelos, Artur Rosa, Carlos Calvet (film), Clotilde Rosa, E. M. Melo e Castro, Ernesto de Sousa, Fernando Pernes, Helena Almeida, Jorge Peixinho, Manuel Baptista, Noronha da Costa and Oficina Experimental (Carlos Gentil-Homem, Joaquim Barata and Manuel Torres – film; João Luís Gomes – object destruction; Isabel Alves, Filomena Fernandes, Francisco Bronze, Lya Freire and Maria Manuela Torres).