Isto é Pintura sobre Papel

3 photomontages on contact sheet (gelatin silver prints, 50 × 50 cm each), an envelope (11.2 × 21.8 cm) and a shoe polishing towel (37.5 × 9.7 cm); each one of the elements mounted on painted cardboard, glued on wood (50 × 50 cm), 1977. Caixa Geral de Depósitos Collection.

Ernesto de Sousa submits Isto é Pintura sobre Papel (This is Painting on Paper) for the group exhibition "O Papel como Suporte" at SNBA, 1977. The jury selected 3 of the 5 elements of the work. Questioning this decision, he takes his piece down at the opening and brings with him a photographer to register this action. Later that year, he publishes the pamphlet  "In the manner of artistic guerrilla… or petty myths… or yet all the artist pisses is a work of art!" featuring his correspondence with SNBA's Direction Board and photos of the work's withdrawal.