Identificación Con Tu Cuerpo

Installation conceived by Ernesto de Sousa for the Lavadero of the Vostell Museum in Malpartida, 1979.
Portraits of the inhabitants of Malpartida (aprox. 600 gelatin silver prints, 6 × 6 cm, 1977–78) suspended on strings stretched between the pillars of the building. The members of the audience were invited to exchange an object of their own for a photograph.

Presented during SACOM 2 (2nd Week of Contemporary Art Malpartida) as part of the Portuguese participation, Malpartida de Cáceres, April 1979.

Malpartida, and that was its success, allowed us [artists from Lisbon] to work with artists from Coimbra and Oporto, for the first time since "Alternativa". For a week, we lived a new spirit. (...) we really got to know each other by working together in a friendly environment. I am a creator and an animator at the same time (...). (...) With "Alternativa" and Malpartida we had a practical demonstration of the possibilities of getting the young and the old together. Without discussing aesthetic tendencies, the different paths. In that it is similar to the Fluxus concept. There is an operational quality in common, not an aesthetics.

Ernesto de Sousa, interview by Michel Giroud, Canal, nr. 29-31, July–September 1979.

SACOM 2's portuguese participation included an exhibition, actions, performances, and a session with Portuguese forgotten recipes organized by Ernesto de Sousa, including the artists Alberto Carneiro, António Barros, Ção Pestana, Cerveira Pinto, Fernando Calhau, Helena Almeida, Irene Buarque, João Rosa, João Vieira, José Barrias, Fernando Calhau, José Carvalho, José Conduto, Julião Sarmento, Mário Varela, Monteiro Gil and Túlia Saldanha.
These artists' works, which shared the Lavadero with Gino Di Maggio's Fluxus collection, were donated to the collection of the Vostell Museum at Malpartida.