Do Vazio à Pró Vocação

Sociedade Nacional de Belas-Artes, July-August 1972.
Exhibition curated by Ernesto de Sousa and integrated in the Expo AICA 72.

Participants included Alberto Carneiro, Ana Vieira, António Sena, Carlos Gentil-Homem, Eduardo Nery, Fernando Calhau, Helena Almeida, João Vieira, Lourdes Castro and Nuno de Siqueira.

There has already been an incident in my sector: Alberto Carneiro's newspaper mural, meant for the public to write whatever it felt like, was taken down by the direction of SNBA. The main reason: there were already too many insults to the head of State, which is considered a crime, there was also pornography, and other insults, one of them to the sculptor (...) and director of ESBAL Joaquim Correia, provoked threats, the police and the National Council for Education... The matter will be discussed: it will probably be decided that the mural gets renewed and the most serious insults be archived. One can NOT say that anti-art, counterculture, neo-Dadaism, protest, or whatever you might call it, are over amongst us. A newspaper gets scrawled and privileges tremble.

Ernesto de Sousa, letter to Carlos Gentil-Homem, July 26th, 1972.